Patient Reviews

Some of our patients says:

Valerie C.

Dr. Pedro Franco is my hero because he saved my mouth, smile and looks. I had severe bone loss and was told that my case was too complicated and the only Doctor to see was Dr.Franco. I was very embarrassed of my teeth and also the loss of bone caused my mouth to appear pushed in. He performed surgery and inserted zygomatic implants on top and regular implants on the bottom. Dr. Franco worked tirelessly to make sure that I would get final teeth that would create the appearance of having a big, bright and beautiful smile. Not only is he a superb surgeon, but he is a very sweet man... a nice person and someone who makes you feel calm and in great hands. Additionally, his staff is professional and very competent. On a scale of one to one hundred, I would give Dr. Franco a one hundred and fifty. Thank you Dr. Franco to for all you have done for me!!

Gabrielle E.

Me and my son had our wisdom teeth removed by doctor Pedro Franco and our surgeries went very well! We both had absolutely no pain, swelling or even a bruise. Doctor Pedro was wonderful, very careful and gentle during the entire process. Thanks Doctor Pedro! We really appreciate you taking good care of us! I definitely recommend his services!! 5 Start to his staff as well!!

Sami A.

20+ years ago over a 3yrs period, Dr. Pedro Franco performed multiple operations on my mouth. Bone-graft then 10 implants later on. By far he's the best dentist and oral surgeon that I've ever had and I've had many in my lifetime. I trust no other dentist.


As soon as I arrived, I immediately felt that I was in excellent hands, which is so important. This was THE most painless dental procedure that I have gone through. Everyone at the office was extremely nice especially Dr. Franco. I am usually afraid of going to the dentist, as are most people, but the atmosphere at Dr. Franco's office was such that I was certain that there was nothing to be afraid of. And the dental treatment I received was wonderful. I felt no pain during the treatment, and after 24 hours I have not felt even the slightest pang of pain. I had a serious tooth extraction and bone graft, and expected to feel quite a bit of pain during and after the procedure - but I experienced no pain at all during or after. Thank you, Dr. Franco!

Raquel G.

Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! I can't express how grateful I am. Dr. Zaidi did an amazing job with the removal of my daughters 4 wisdom teeth. The procedure went smooth. Dr. Zaidi even took the time to text us on his direct cell phone number to check up on my daughter and to let us know he was there if we had any questions. My daughter was beyond happy for the nurse she got. My daughter said her nurse Angelica was beyond amazing. She expressed how comfortable and secure she made her feel. She made my daughter feel relaxed as she was preparing her for her procedure. We will always come back to DFW Oral & Maxillofacial from now on. I have recommended to my entire family and friends. The front office staff is also very friendly and helpful. I would recommend this place 100%.

Cynthia F. & Bianca (patient)

This was a stressful time for our granddaughter, and everyone put her and us at ease from the first visit through the surgery (Mesquite TX). The front desk staff, assistants and the doctor were so calm and reassuring. They explained to us everything at our initial visit and then again after the surgery. On the day of her surgery to have her wisdom teeth removed everyone was so kind, calm and reassuring from the minute we walked in the door till we left. Bianca was a bit goofy on the way home and kept saying she just loved them they were so nice, kind and gentle and we must give them a 5-star rating, I agree with her they deserve a 5+++. I was already impressed with them, then that evening I was contacted by Dr Zaidi (via text) to check up on her and see how she was doing and to tell me if I had any questions or concerns to contact him, which really impressed me because it was after 8pm, now that is dedication I have not seen in many years. I would recommend this office to everyone. I want to thank everyone for easing her mind and making this a non-traumatic experience. Thank you so much and God Bless all of you.

Leanne V.

Dr. Franco, I wanted to express my deepest thanks for providing me the most excellent of service with the extraction of my wisdom teeth, plus one, a few weeks ago. As I had previously mentioned, I had a traumatic experience with a dentist when I was seven years old which left me with debilitating PTSD and a phobia of all doctors and medical/dental procedures. I have worked hard throughout my life gathering various therapies, techniques, and interventions to overcome my trauma which would allow me to finally walk into that treatment room and sit myself in the chair, trust the doctor and nurses to help me get to the other side of my long struggle, and heal once and for all. Years ago, I prayed that I would find the right combination of therapies and doctors I could trust to fix my teeth, smile and sleep apnea. I have no doubt that I found you and your team as the answer to my prayers because the day of my surgery I felt no anxiety or apprehension whatsoever. It was like a miracle. I was ready. (And I rocked it).Feeling that I could trust you, as my surgeon, was made all the easier due to your amazing staff. I cannot express how impressed I am with each and every person you have chosen to support you and your clients at your practice. The level of integrity, care, knowledge, compassion, understanding, professionalism, proactiveness, patients and kindness they exude in every interaction I have with them, whether on the phone, email, or in person, every single time, is unparalleled.It is nearly impossible to portray the sincere appreciation I feel for all those who have assisted me on my journey of healing, and you are most assuredly among them! I humbly acknowledge how blessed I am to have overcome my fear and to be able to see a better life for myself moving forward. Not everyone can say they have overcome their traumas, and I am most assuredly strengthened to have felt the lows and highs of such profound experience. Thank you for helping make it a reality. In gratitude,

Nora F.

What an amazing experience! From the front desk staff, to Edgar as the technician, and to of course Dr. Franco were all fantastic! Dr. Franco put me at ease for my wisdom teeth extractions and the procedure went smoothly. I will definitely be recommending him and his practice to anyone who needs it!

Julie G.

My teenage son had his wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Franco in the Mesquite office. Laisy in the office was very kind and explained everything well. She answered all my questions and put my mind at ease about having my son sedated. Dr. Franco was nice and did an excellent job! My son’s recovery has been very smooth with no complications at all. We followed all directions, including elevating the head of his bed. Thank you Dr. Franco and staff for making this a great experience!

Janet A.

Dr. Franco is amazing. My Implant experience was a very pleasant one, if you can believe it. The whole staff, from the front desk to the dental assistants, were wonderful to work with! The procedure was painless, and results perfect!! I would recommend Dr. Franco to anyone who needs any kind of oral or maxillofacial surgery!!

Felipe P.

I flew in from Atlanta to Dallas to get a tooth transplant as an result of a traumatic injury to one of my front teeth. Dr. Franco, is one of the most talented dental surgeons I’ve come across. The staff in his office is very professional, and the facility equipment is impressive. I will highly recommend Dr. Franco for any major dental surgery or procedure. I highly recommend this clinic. Thank you Dr. Franco!

Lexie D.

They are amazing! So nice and so easy to work with!

Scot S.

Hello, my name is Scott Smith, and I wanted to share my amazing experience since finding an angel named Dr. Pedro Franco. My unique medical condition is a result of a congenital birth defect. It included a Heir Lip/Cleft Lip, and a Cleft Palate. I spent an extensive part of my childhood in, and out of countless medical practices, and hospitals trying to repair my smile, and save my teeth. My final surgeries as a young adult were to have 2 jaw surgeries to move my jaw forward with bone grafts from my hip the summer of my High School Senior year. A few years later I started to experience what I called a spongey feeling when biting in my upper jaw. I told any doctor who would listen about what I was experiencing, and was told by all everything was fine. The situation with my upper jaw came to a dramatic head when my new dentist informed me that all my upper teeth needed to be extracted due to major bone loss. My upper teeth had become unstable, resulting in bone destruction. I was told they should come out immediately to lessen any further damage, and I agreed. The next 4 years would be some of the worst of my life, feeling I had wasted a lot of time as a child with surgeries, Doctor office visits, only to have it all lost as a 50 years young adult. I was completely devastated. I spent the next year not even wanting to see a dentist or deal with the situation. The next 4 years were also terrible with the embarrassment of having false teeth, not knowing if they would become loose at any time, having my food choices cut dramatically, and probably the worst of all, FIXODENT. Due to the birth defect, my palate in relatively flat, thus I had to use an excessive amount to help secure them. I had to use so much that it would bleed all over my teeth, tongue, lips, and it would even leak into my sinuses. After the first year of denying my situation I began the search for a solution to my problem. I went to all the usually practices over the next 3 years, some very well known national practices, some just referrals from these same practices. All of the doctors told me there was nothing that could be done because on a scale of 1 to 10, I was an 11 plus. I knew that with my birth defect my options might be limited, but I also knew that more bone grafts where not the solution. Finally, in the Summer of 2017 I was given a referral to a cancer center local to Texas from one the National Implant practices. Again, I knew the referral was not what I needed, but I used that referral to get a suggestion from the cancer center to contact a doctor in Houston. The doctor in Houston again couldn’t help me with his practice, but as luck would have it, my dream of getting a permanent solution to my situation would have just taken a turn for more than I really could have ever expected. I at last was referred to, and had found my Angel in Dr. Pedro Franco. The moment I met Dr. Franco I knew I was in good hands. The staff he has surrounded himself with is outstanding, friendly, warm, and the utmost of professionals. I had a great first appointment, having a CAT Scan, meeting the staff, and meeting my new hero, Dr. Pedro Franco, and discussing my treatment plan. Upon leaving, I scheduled my surgery for 6 weeks later. That’s right it only took 2 appointments, one being the surgery date. The surgery went totally as planned. My recovery time was even more remarkable, only having minimal swelling, and limited discomfort, all being basically gone in a little over a week. Dr. Franco had literally given me my smile, and life back. I can eat anything, no longer trying to figure out how I could turn any meal into mush, and not having to deal with the FIXODENT nightmare. I am, and will be eternally grateful to DR. Pedro Franco, he is truly a Godsend. In conclusion, I am Dr. Franco, and his staff’s most passionate spokesperson. I tell anyone’s ear I can get about the amazing thing Dr. Franco did for me, and how he can do it for anyone.

Kay B.

My husband has been receiving services for over a year and has told me how wonderful Dr. Franco and his staff are. Well, I needed to have a tooth pulled and an implant. I have experienced dental anxiety all of my life and this seemed almost “undoable” for me. After talking to Dr. Franco at my first consultation, I was reassured that he would be able to make me comfortable during and after the procedure. Not being the “trust me” type of person, I did trust my husband’s opinion so scheduled the procedure. Much to my delight, Dr. Franco and my husband were both correct! I had no swelling, no bruising, no pain at all during or after the implant procedure. I was relaxed before the procedure started, his nursing staff were attentive, respectful and supportive throughout the whole process. Dr. Franco was there when I woke up, talked to me, and I went home pain free. I expected to experience some type of discomfort but nope, nada, zilch, absolutely no pain – ever! If you want somebody who will listen to your concerns, not rush through the exam, who is patient and respectful of you and your issues, please consider coming to Dr. Franco and his staff. At least schedule a consult and see for yourself!