Facial Reconstruction

Facial Reconstruction

Dallas-Fort Worth Bone Grafting & Regeneration

The presence of adequate bone is essential to long-term dental implant success, yet many patients pursuing this option may have already experienced bone loss following tooth loss. For those patients who do not initially present as appropriate candidates for dental implants, our Doctors offer bone regeneration and bone grafting for dental implants in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, including Irving, Mesquite, and Ennis Texas, that can be used to create more suitable conditions for dental implant placement.

These techniques may also be used to correct significant jaw deformities that have been present since birth or those that have occurred as a result of injury or disease.

Bone Grafting

With bone grafting, donor bone is taken from elsewhere in the body—such as the hip or other parts of the jaw—and inserted into the implant placement site or the bone defect. The donor bone is eventually incorporated into the jaw.

Bone grafts can be particularly useful when the implant site is at the rear of the upper jaw, where the bone is thinner under the sinus cavity. One of our Dallas-Fort Worth bone grafting specialists can perform a sinus lift, raising the sinus floor and inserting bone material in the newly created space. Bone grafting can also be used to augment a ridge that is too thin or narrow to accommodate dental implants.

Bone Regeneration

The approach differs slightly from bone regeneration, which takes advantage of your body’s ability to produce more of your own bone tissue. This goal may be achieved by placing a membrane or matrix at the targeted site and then introducing proteins that stimulate the growth of new bone tissue.

In many cases, we can use allograft material to implement bone grafting for dental implants in Dallas-Fort Worth. This bone is prepared from cadavers and used to promote the patient’s own bone to grow into the repair site. It is quite effective and very safe. Synthetic materials can also be used to stimulate bone formation.

Bone grafting and bone regeneration procedures in the Dallas For Worth area can be completed in an outpatient procedure at our offices. Depending on your treatment goals, these procedures may extend your treatment timeline, so it’s important to be prepared for that. Keep in mind that this extension may increase your chances of a positive outcome.

Patients with bone loss can still be eligible for dental implant placement if they undergo a preliminary procedure designed to supplement the bone. If you are concerned that advanced bone loss may prevent you from getting the dental implants that you desire, discuss this option with one of our oral surgeons at DFW Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery to see if it may benefit you.