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Impacted Canine Tooth Surgery & Treatment in Irving, TX

When a canine tooth can’t break through the gum, it’s considered impacted. While wisdom teeth commonly have this issue, the upper canine teeth are also prone to this problem. These teeth are essential for a proper bite, guiding the rest of your teeth into place.

Upper canine teeth, or maxillary cuspids, typically emerge last among the front teeth, around the age of 13, and play a key role in closing any gaps between the front teeth. When these teeth are impacted, we prioritize strategies to encourage their correct placement. This treatment approach is suitable for any impacted tooth but is most often applied to the upper canines.

Early recognition of impacted canines is the key to successful treatment

The likelihood of a natural emergence for an impacted canine decreases with age. This is why the American Association of Orthodontists recommends an early panoramic X-ray by age 7 to spot potential issues.

Management might include braces to facilitate the proper emergence of teeth or surgery to remove obstacles, ensuring the canines have a path to emerge.

What happens if the canine will not erupt when proper space is available?

In scenarios where the cuspid teeth fail to erupt on their own, a collaborative effort between orthodontists and oral surgeons is essential. Treatments are customized for each patient in Irving but impacted tooth surgery is needed to expose the tooth. Following this, an oral surgeon attaches an orthodontic bracket to the tooth, equipped with a small chain. This chain is then linked to the orthodontic archwire, facilitating the gradual movement of the tooth into its correct position within the dental arch.

The procedure to expose and bracket an impacted tooth is straightforward and conducted in the oral surgeon’s office. Patients have the option of IV sedation for comfort. Post-operative expectations include minimal bleeding, potential swelling, and a recommendation for a soft diet initially, progressing to normal dietary habits as comfort permits. Follow-up visits are scheduled to monitor healing and to activate the eruption chain by the orthodontist within two weeks of surgery.

What to expect from surgery to expose and bracket an impacted tooth:

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