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Impacted Canine Tooth Treatment in Ennis, TX

Impacted teeth are just like normal teeth, but simply trapped and unable to emerge normally. This is a common dental issue. Wisdom teeth are the most recognized type of impacted teeth, but the upper canine (maxillary cuspid) teeth are also prone to becoming impacted. The cuspids are crucial for a proper bite, guiding the alignment of other teeth when the jaws close.

Upper canines typically erupt by the age of 13, helping to close any spaces between the front teeth on the upper jaw. If these teeth are impacted, specialized efforts are undertaken to encourage their proper emergence into the dental arch. These efforts apply to both upper and lower jaw impactions, with a focus on the upper canines due to their importance in dental alignment.

Early recognition of impacted canines is the key to successful treatment

As patients age, the chances of a cuspid tooth that is impacted and then erupting decrease. It’s recommended to perform a panoramic X-ray and dental exam at age 7 to identify any eruption issues early on.

Our oral surgeons in Ennis will determine if the impacted canine tooth treatment will include orthodontic measures to create space for the teeth to erupt correctly. It could also involve the surgical removal of baby teeth or other adult teeth blocking the path of the canines. The treatment strategy depends on the patient’s specific situation and age.

What happens if the canine will not erupt when proper space is available?

When canines don’t erupt despite having space, orthodontists and oral surgeons collaborate on treatment. This often involves surgically exposing the tooth and attaching a bracket with a small chain to it. This is then connected to the orthodontic wire, aiding in the tooth’s movement into its correct position.

The surgery is straightforward and typically performed with IV sedation in the oral surgeon’s office near Ennis. After the dental extraction, patients can expect some bleeding and swelling, with a recommendation for a soft or even liquid diet initially. Follow-up appointments are crucial to ensure healing and to start moving and altering the tooth with the orthodontist.

What to expect from surgery to expose and bracket an impacted tooth:

For those in Ennis needing the removal of an impacted canine tooth, DFW Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery provides expert consultation and treatment options. We specialize in impacted canine tooth surgery in Ennis, offering personalized care to address this dental issue efficiently. Contact us to learn more and start the process toward a healthier bite.