Facial Reconstruction

Our Doctors not only offer TRADITIONAL oral surgeries, but maxillofacial as well when they perform facial reconstruction. We can repair defects as well as the damage caused by disease and trauma when our team provides great surgical care as we perform treatments like:

Our professional surgeons and team can restore your natural facial appearance when we provide these services. Call one of our offices today if you want to benefit from facial reconstruction in Irving, Mesquite, and Ennis Texas.

Like its name suggests, facial reconstruction repairs and replaces damaged parts of the face or areas affected by defects. We often offer these treatments to patients who have suffered from cancer, disease, injury, cleft lip palate, birth defects, etc. Our team also treats other problems like TMJ disorder, sleep apnea, and severe malocclusion problems. We provide reconstruction for the whole maxillofacial area, from the jaw bone and mouth to the cheek bone and other areas.

The purpose of facial reconstruction is to restore your face’s health, function, and natural appearance. You will no longer have to suffer from pain and embarrassment when we offer the services that renew, restore, and repair. If you would like to learn more about our facial reconstruction, then call our friendly team today.