Oral Surgery Specialist in Ennis: Wisdom Teeth Removal, Oral Pathology, and Impacted Canines

There are many different diseases and defects that can be addressed through the use of oral and maxillofacial surgery. To get the best results, and to have a comfortable experience, be sure to work with the oral surgery specialists in Ennis at DFW Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery to address your needs. Our commitment to patient comfort and safety is underscored by our status as an opioid-free clinic, utilizing IV sedation to ensure a soothing and pain-free experience during oral surgery procedures. Trust us to provide advanced and compassionate care tailored to meet your oral health needs effectively.

We offer multiple oral surgery services, including the following:

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Getting ahead of the game and removing wisdom teeth before they become a problem is a popular procedure. The wisdom teeth, which are the last permanent teeth to arrive in your mouth, often become impacted and cause oral health issues. Having them removed before those problems develop can set you up for a healthier future free from symptoms in this part of your mouth. Get more information today about why our oral surgery specialists in Ennis recommend removing wisdom teeth.

Impacted Teeth

In the world of dental care, an impacted tooth is one that is stuck and cannot make it all the way into its natural position. If you have an impacted canine, that issue will impact the way your bite functions and can lead to many other oral health problems.

To address this issue, oral surgery may be recommended. Through surgery, the impacted canine can be moved into the right spot, and it will then be able to perform its duties properly. You are welcome to check in with one of our local Ennis oral surgery specialists to learn more about this type of surgery and whether or not it would be a good fit for your needs.

Oral Pathology

There are many different oral diseases that can impact human health. Whether it is an oral cancer or something like a cyst or benign tumor, our team of oral pathology specialists in Ennis can diagnose and treat the situation appropriately. As with any potential cancer, the sooner that this issue can be caught and addressed, the better the prognosis will be for the outcome. Get in touch right away to learn more.