all-on-4-patient-viewOur team at DFW Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery knows that conventional dentures have many shortcomings. They are often uncomfortable and prone to being loose. They lose their fit over time, and they’re not particularly efficient or effective at chewing.

Patients who are facing the prospect of dentures now have a better, more stable alternative—BiteLock™. With this treatment approach, our surgeons place four or more dental implants in the most optimal position. The prosthesis is then secured and adapted to those implants. The patient leaves the office with a full complement of fixed teeth on the same day of placement. Once the implants have healed the permanent prosthesis is fabricated and delivered.

BiteLock is an All-On-4 implant-supported dentures system that appeals to patients who will lose most or all of their natural teeth. This technique allows for full mouth rehabilitation in one surgery. The patients will leave the office with a new provisional prosthesis that is fabricated in the office on the day of oral surgery, giving you teeth in one day. The physical link between the appliance and the jaw helps the prosthetic tolerate more significant chewing forces than an unsupported denture can.

Implant-supported dental prosthesis feels more natural and tend to have a more lifelike appearance, too, which is another benefit of BiteLock.

Even long-term denture wearers who have experienced some bone loss can still take advantage of BiteLock because the dental implants are placed in the most ideal position using the available bone. Although each case is different and must be evaluated individually, most patients can get the dental implants needed for BiteLock without undergoing a preliminary bone graft in advance of implant placement. This saves the patient valuable time and makes it possible to have a full arch rehabilitation in one surgery instead of two or three surgeries. Other methods that require prior bone and gum grafting will require another year of healing time prior to obtaining a fixed prosthesis.

Another advantage of the BiteLock procedure is that patients are able to restore their smiles in a single day and surgery at our office. This means that you don’t have to deal with the hassle of wearing temporary teeth. The implant placement procedure is completed in a matter of hours, and the patient is then fitted for the prosthesis before going home. We will even use zygomatic dental implants for the BiteLock system. These implants help us to restore your smile more quickly because they don’t require bone grafts as traditional implants sometimes do, making for a faster, easier treatment.

When facing treatment for tooth loss, you have alternatives to conventional dentures. Contact our Doctors to schedule a consultation in order to explore receiving BiteLock in Irving, Mesquite, And Ennis Texas, and to determine if it will be a good solution for you.



  • No bone grafting
  • Teeth in a day
  • One fixed price
  • Eat and enjoy food you like again
  • No plastic over roof of mouth
  • No denture paste, taste your favorite food again
  • Smile with confidence
  • No sore or loose dentures