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Certain individuals will choose to put off routine dental care. People struggling with dental anxiety or unaddressed dental phobia are often at increased risk of suffering from gum disease and cavities.

Without timely diagnosis and treatment, even a seemingly small area of tooth decay could develop into a very serious problem. In time, the oral bacteria in your mouth can invade the sensitive core and root of the tooth. You will likely experience a gradually worsening toothache as this starts to happen.

Many patients with a tooth in this condition will also experience a build up of infected fluid in the underlying gums. This dental abscess can cause worsening pressure in the gums and could allow a very dangerous infection to eventually pass to your bloodstream.

In some of these cases, an oral surgeon like one of our specialists may be able to carefully drain the fluid from the dental abscess before performing a root canal to replace the affected structure of the tooth. Aftercare might also call for the use of prescription antibiotics and pain medication.

When you are ready, we can start the process of replacing the tooth’s enamel layer with a dental crown. Once it has been cemented in place, it will restore the comfortable function of the original tooth.

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