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Did you know Drs. Pedro Franco, Howard Price, and Drew Havard are all trained oral surgery specialists? Moreover, did you know that they are all on staff at local hospitals for emergency room coverage for facial injuries? Yes, it’s true! Here at DFW Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, we take pride in the high quality of our care and service, so you can feel confident and relaxed with our professional team for all your oral and maxillofacial surgical needs.

The truth is, accidents happen from cars, falls, recreation or sports injuries, and even work-related injuries. Having a source you can trust who specializes in maxillofacial trauma can help you during your time of need should you ever suffer any facial fractures or other damage to your face, teeth, and mouth. Having a team of doctors who are well-versed in emergency care, acute treatment, and long-term reconstruction in oral maxillofacial treatments can make a huge difference in your life and situation should an accident occur.

If you have suffered a serious accident or find yourself in need of an oral maxillofacial trauma specialist, please call us today at 972-594-7414 to speak to a professional. Our team is located in Irving, Mesquite, and Ennis, TX, and is always happy to address any questions you may have pertaining to your oral and maxillofacial needs.