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Are you embarrassed by expression lines in your face? Perhaps by your smile or eyes? If so, you are not alone. Time affects us all, and with it, we are now prepared to help reduce the effects and appearance aging can have with BOTOX® injections.

BOTOX is a cosmetic treatment that can be used for patients with mild to moderate wrinkles. BOTOX is considered a revolutionary approach to reversing the signs of aging with facial wrinkles.

To better understand your BOTOX treatment, our team of experts at DFW Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery can talk with you about your medical procedure and any questions you may have about the process.

BOTOX cosmetic injections are done without anesthesia because they are nearly painless. Only a tiny sting is felt when the injection is made and is over quickly. BOTOX is not a permanent fix and may need to be repeated two or three times a year to keep the results. It is also important to note that BOTOX does not repair sagging skin, only expression lines to reduce the appearance of aging.

If you have questions about BOTOX and wonder if this is a good option for you, please call us today at 972-594-7414 to schedule an appointment. Dr. Pedro Franco, Dr. Howard Price and Dr. Drew Havard are experts in their field and happy to help you.