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A properly erupted wisdom tooth can be very beneficial to your bite and can give you a fuller smile, but there are often complications in their growth that require their removal.

We want you to know what could go wrong in the mouth, and to help you remember the conditions, we made some metaphors. Some problems in the wisdom teeth include:

Horizontal Impaction — This is the lazy wisdom tooth because it decides to just lay down. Sometimes the the tooth turns completely sideways under the gum so that its chewing face is directed at the molars. It slowly moves toward the other teeth, crushing their roots. It is important to promptly remove horizontal impactions.

Distal Impaction — This could be called the “rogue bandit” because it decides to run away from its job. The tooth moves towards the throat, and should be removed.

Vertical Impaction — You could name this the “blind bumper” because it starts moving up the right direction, but then loses track of where it is going and comes in too close to the tooth next to it, causing pain.

Mesial Impaction — If your teeth were all alive, we would say that the mesial impaction was the star-crossed tooth, fixated upon the molar. It comes in diagonally and moves into the molar in a sort of hug, except for this hug results in pain and damaged teeth. Mesial impactions should be removed.

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