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Dental implants are fast becoming a popular method for replacing missing teeth. In the past, they were thought of more for restoring a single tooth. Over the course of the last two decades dental implant technology has evolved to serve a broad range of dental restorations.

BiteLock™ dental implants have become a highly effective method for replacing multiple missing teeth. This can serve as an attractive alternative to conventional dentures.

Our system is designed to install multiple dental implants into your existing jaw structure. The titanium implants are inserted at a specific angle to ensure maximum contact with your bone tissues. This will replicate the strength of natural teeth.

As time goes on, a natural process, known as osseointegration will gradually fuse the titanium dental implants with the living bone tissues. This will provide your dental restorations with the same strength and feel you enjoyed with your original teeth.

If you are looking for a dental implant alternative to conventional dentures you should call 972-594-7414 to find the BiteLock™ specialist near you. Our locations are Irving, Mesquite, and Ennis, TX.