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Playing in a contact sport, or other vigorous athletic activity can put you at increased risk of suffering a significant injury or oral trauma. This chance is only increased if you fail to take the proper safety precautions, such as wearing a quality mouth guard.

Contact to the mouth from another participant or a piece of equipment can knock multiple teeth out of their sockets. When this happens, the dental trauma is often so severe, that your dentist might not be able to save the teeth through multiple root canals and crowns. In a situation like this, they might advocate extracting whatever remains of the teeth from the underlying gums.

Once your mouth has fully healed your BiteLock specialist can help to restore the presence of the teeth in your mouth by installing dental implants into the void. Once this is done, they can fit you for a custom piece of bridgework, that will perfectly replicate the shape and location of your previous teeth.

With proper oral hygiene practices, and a concentrated focus on taking proper safety measures in the future, the teeth restored by BiteLock will serve you for many long years ahead.

If you’ve lost multiple teeth in your mouth to a dental or oral trauma, you should call 972-594-7414 to find the BiteLock specialist nearest you.