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Many people with dentures settled for having their existing compromised teeth extracted in order to restore the appearance and full function of your mouth. Over time, many denture wearers find themselves wanting a more permanent solution.

Fortunately, BiteLock dental implant technology can now replace your missing teeth with four to six dental implants. Our certified dental implant specialists can often insert the titanium abutments in a single outpatient appointment where you will need to be fully sedated.

The implants will be inserted at a specific angle to maximize the contact with the healthy underlying bone tissues. It might call for screwing them into the stronger bone tissues in the front of your mouth. Doing this ensures that there’s enough structure to replicate the strength of your original teeth.

Once this is done, your BiteLock specialist will fit you for a series of dental bridges that marry onto the dental implant abutments. The titanium material used for the implants will gradually bond with the living bone tissues. This will effectively restore the presence of your missing teeth and the full function of your mouth for many years to come.

If you have dentures and you’re interested in having your original teeth restored by BiteLock dental implants, you should call (972) 594-7414 to find the clinic nearest you.