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The human nose is a rather sophisticated facial feature that serves several different purposes. Beyond the simple passage of air, it is involved directly with your sense of smell and taste. On a cosmetic level, a balanced and appealing nose bolsters self-confidence, benefitting your social life.

To address a functional or cosmetic issue with the nose, Dr. Franco, Dr. Price, and Dr. Havard might recommend performing rhinoplasty. For all intents and purposes, there are two different forms of this procedure. The one they recommend will be based on the specific structural issues you need addressed.

As the name implies, an open rhinoplasty is performed from the exterior or the nose. This is more commonly called for to address cosmetic imperfections or issues related to the soft tissue areas of the nose.

Endonasal rhinoplasty is often called for to address structural issues with the interior of the nose. This is more likely to be the course of treatment if you’re having breathing issues, or if you’re struggling with symptoms related to a deviated septum.

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