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BiteLock is a special dental restoration that is intended to restore the presence, function, and appearance of multiple missing teeth. While it is most often called for to restore the teeth of denture wearers, many people with large or multiple partials might also consider BiteLock as a dental restoration solution.

The heart of our success comes from inserting titanium anchoring abutments at key angles into your existing jaw structure. This has multiple benefits. The angle of the implant anchor maximizes contact and cohesion to allow the abutment to fit firmly in place. This is a significant benefit for people who have compromised bone structure or who might need a bone graft.

Titanium is the ideal material for a dental implant abutment. While it is biologically inert, titanium also has the interesting ability to gradually fuse with the surrounding bone tissues. As time goes by, the already secure abutments bond in place, giving you back the strength and feel of your natural teeth.

The number of implants and bridges you need will depend on your restoration goals as well as the particular details of your mouth. These factors can all be assessed in a single consultation. Most people can have their missing or compromised teeth restored in a single day.

If you have dentures or if you have lost a significant number of teeth and you’re interested in BiteLock in either Irving, Mesquite, or Ennis, TX, you should call (972) 594-7414 to find the provider nearest you. Dr. Havard, Dr. Price, and Dr. Franco are always happy to help in any way possible.