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The natural processes of aging affect the skin in several ways. As the years go by, your skin decreases in collagen production in the deeper layers of the dermis. At the same time, exfoliation also slows. This decreased replenishment of skin cells and collagen production causes skin to sag, causing unsightly lines and wrinkles.

One way to improve these visible signs of skin aging is to have your doctors, Dr. Franco, Dr. Price, and Dr. Havard, perform a facelift. A facelift is a cosmetic surgery procedure designed to adjust the skin on your face and around the neckline.

A facelift can also address issues like sagging in the middle of your face and problems with deep creases below the lower eyelids or along the nose and mouth. Improving skin tension also helps improve skin tone and texture in the lower face. This can also improve loose skin or excess fatty deposits under your chin.

Many people also consider having other facial procedures performed in conjunction with a facelift to address multiple problem areas on the face. This might include an eyelift or neck lift. This could also include enhancements like cheek or chin implants to give your face more prominent features.

The recovery time after a facelift will vary depending on your age, general state of health and quality of aftercare. It’s important to note that tobacco use can have a negative effect on skin health and healing ability. If you do use tobacco products, even casually, you should talk to your primary physician in advance of the facelift to explore your cessation options.

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