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BiteLock™ provides permanent full mouth rehabilitation for patients who will lose (or have lost) most or all of their teeth. Eliminating the need for dentures or patch dental work, this full-bridge implant solution provides strong, natural, and beautiful teeth in a day.

What makes BiteLock teeth-in-a-day stand out? The results look and feel natural with a 95% restoration of bite strength on the same day of surgery! The procedure involves no grafting, no paste, and no plastic palate! Enjoy your favorite foods again, feel confident dating, and no longer live with the hassle of bulky dentures or adhesives. These implants are permanently fused to the existing bone creating a long-lasting foundation for your new teeth.

Doctors Franco, Price, and Havard precisely place four to six implants as the base and a titanium support bar hidden in the teeth attaches directly to the implants creating a secure and natural solution!

No bone? No problem! In most cases, even patients with significant bone loss can receive BiteLock without the need for preliminary bone grafting, using Zygoma implants.

To start the process of your new smile, schedule a free BiteLock teeth-in-a-day consultation at 972-594-7414.